Webroot Antivirus: 60 days free key:

In this post, we'll look at how to get a free 60-day key for Webroot Antivirus. It is one of the antivirus products from Webroot, a company with effective antivirus technology. Its all-in-one product Webroot Protection was named one of the top 7 paid antivirus products in our article “Which antivirus is the best”. And Webroot Antivirus is just Webroot's antivirus with some additional features, also paid. And it is a cross-platform product for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. And here we can get Webroot Antivirus for any operating system we need in a special trial version with a free license key for 60 days. Whereas the same program Webroot Protection comes with a trial only for 30 days. Agree, two months is a normal time to evaluate the effectiveness of the anti-virus technologies of this company. Let's see what Webroot has to offer. www.webroot.com/secure

So, friends, Webroot Antivirus are an antivirus with proactive protection from Webroot. Other features include:

  • Antispy;
  • Web protection;
  • Vulnerability Scanner;
  • Firewall;
  • Spam protection;
  • Removing cookies and trackers;
  • Password manager;
  • file shredder;
  • Blocking user data by placing it in an encrypted storage with password access;
  • Activity log to track software activity.

The Webroot Antivirus license comes with a paid subscription and costs $119.99 per year. But Webroot is running a promo and offering to use this antivirus for free for 60 days for any of the supported operating systems. A prerequisite is non-commercial use of the program. All that is needed for this is to get the Webroot Antivirus installer with a built-in free license for 60 days in a special way. We go to the Webroot Antivirus promo page. Enter the email address, if you don’t want to receive advertisements from Webroot later in the mail, use temporary mail. Click "Get Free Trial".

If the promo page is not displayed, disable the ad blocker. Next, we go to the mail and in the letter from Webroot, click the "Protect me" link button in the block for the devices you are interested in - mobile devices or computers.

In ours, we download the Webroot Antivirus Windows program.

As a result of the download, we will display the serial number of the free license, it is basically sewn into the program, but just in case, keep it in mind.   

Next, just install the program. A countdown to the end of your 60 free days will be displayed at the top of the Webroot Antivirus window. webroot.com/safe

Well, I recommend, just in case, to make a backup of Windows before installing the program. If the promo is still relevant in the future, after two months of using the antivirus, you can try to roll back the system, use another mail and re-install the program tester for a new 60 days.

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